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May 14, 2011

Superman strikes again!

Keenan has been bugging me about "needing" a superman cape.  So being the Super mom that I am, I finally made him one.  I spent most of the day getting the fabric and sewing it up for him.  He was pretty excited when he saw it and immediately asked to put it on.  Keenan then ran at full speed and jumped.  He came back to me and said "Mom, you got the wrong cape!"  Me:  "Why, what's wrong with that one?"  Keenan:  "This one doesn't fly..."  I told him just like Superman he needed to learn how to fly and that it takes a lot of practice.  He tried again and asked me if he flew a little bit.  "Yes, Keenan you sure did!"

 The cape is a little long so we had to tuck it in the back of his pants while on the bike.

 Last night Keenan was running around in his Superhero undies and his cape, he then wanted to go out and play some basketball...

 checking his Superhero self out in the mirror.

 Appropriate attire, yes??
 He's starting to get the hang of dribbling.

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