Our Travels

June 14, 2011

Blueberries and a little bit of chocolate...

I took the boys to the open market a few days ago.  The strawberries are so sweet and delicious right now, we also found some little blueberries that were a hit.  I should take Keenan with me more often to the market because he scored us some free cherries, a few apricots and some extra strawberries.  Why?  The stand keepers (?  is that right?) thought he was so charming (of course) but were mostly impressed that while his Mom couldn't speak Slovene he could!  Keenan asked one lady, all in Slovene, if he could try a cherry please.  She was impressed and gave us a big handful.  The next person gave us three apricots to try along with an extra quarter kilo of strawberries which he threw in only after Keenan started speaking to him.  I try to go to the same people to buy my produce so those few people know my lack of language skills.

When we got home I stripped Van down to his diaper and let him go to down on blueberries and strawberries.  Oddly enough it was the tiny tiny piece of chocolate that made the biggest mess.

I made Keenan go outside with his bowl of blueberries, thankfully he didn't make much of a mess.  He did drop a few which Sierra then walked through and stuck to the bottom of her paws.  Thankfully I noticed before Sierra walked on our carpet!