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July 10, 2011

End of school year party

Keenan's school had an end of the school year celebration.  The kids sang a few songs then we broke into groups and played games.  It was pretty cute hearing all Keenan's slovene language skills!  He speaks much more Slovene around his classmates and people that he KNOWS can't speak English.

Getting the instructions for a game from one of his teachers, Sabina.
Playing some sort of a tag game.
Keenan telling us how hot and sweaty he is.
More games
YES! Ice cream while the teachers talk to the parents and hand out huge folders of art projects.

We had fun.  It was nice to meet more of the parents.  Some of the parents told us how their child came home counting to 10, singing "Happy Birthday", or saying other English words and when asked where they learned that they said "Keenan".  The Slovene parents were happy with the English their kids were picking up and we're happy with Keenan's Slovene.  Putting Keenan into a local pre-school has been a very positive experience, we're glad we did!

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