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July 15, 2011

Keenan and Dad go camping

Over the 4th of July weekend Eric took Keenan camping for one night nearby.  Since it was only for one night I opted to stay home with Van, I really didn't feel like packing up that much stuff for one night!

There was a roped off swimming area that Keenan was pretty excited about...
until he realized that the water was ice cold!

Van and I went hiking up Smarna Gora with our neighbor who is just arrived in Slovenia about a month ago.  I kept raving to her about the yummy donuts you can get up at the top so imagine my surprise and disappointment when there were NO donuts... only on the weekends they said but, they totally redeammed themselves when they offered us fresh blueberry struedel out of the oven.  The struedel was delish and totally worth packing up the extra 27 pounds on my back (Van).  

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