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July 31, 2011

More Greece

I just have so many pictures that I liked from our Greece trip that yes, I'm posting more!

We were in Greece for about 10 days.  During that time we soaked up as much sun as we could mostly on the beach, Aqualand, took a boat ride around the island, and did just a touch of sight seeing.  I would have liked to do more sight-seeing but mixing the heat with 2 young kids and adding sight-seeing on top of that just didn't jive well.  We let Keenan stay up late and watch movies on his i-pod, which he rediscovered "Wall-e" and finds it hilarious, and also let him play on his leapster.  Van stayed up late by default since it was hard for him to fall asleep in the same room as everyone else, a strange room at that.  Now that we're back his sleeping is terrible  :(  He only wants to sleep on us.  I would like to think that he's just a cuddle bug :)

We've been in Europe for nearly 4 years now, I think some of their ways are rubbing off.  In Europe EVERYONE wears bikinis, little bikinis,  doesn't matter if your old, young, fit or not you're in a bikini.  I think it's nearly impossible to find a modest full swimsuit, takini or even a full coverage bikini.  I've always been fairly modest but now even after two babies stretching out my skin and leaving my breast deflated, find myself with more confidence in my body then before.  I even bought a few skimpy bikinis that I don't think I would have ever worn before because the bottoms allow for a lot more butt cheek peeping out.  When in Rome...

 Achilles Palace... maybe it was actually called something else but there's a big statue of Achilles there.
 Keenan checking out a few displays.

 Van did NOT want to be held, he NEEDED to be down on the ground crawling everywhere.  He likes stairs best which is good because we had to climb a few flights.  Yes, we let Van run around in just a diaper... it was HOT.

 We let Keenan take a few pictures
 If you look closely at Keenan's face it is covered in pollen
 Darn, I forgot to rotate this one... this is why his face is covered in pollen.
 Me and Achilles

This is how Keenan REALLY felt about sight seeing...

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