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August 15, 2011

Our weekend

We started off our 3 day weekend (for a Slovenian holiday) on Friday afternoon with a trip up to the paintball fields.  Keenan was pretty bummed when I told him he just wasn't old enough to play paintball with the adults and big kids but Dad saved the day by letting him put on his helmet, coat and shoot his gun a few times anyways.

This paintball field is set up in the mountains with a nice restaurant, sitting area, two minature ponies, a sandbox, giant swing, playhouse, little pond with fish and tadpoles, creepy naked lady statue coming out of the woods... the list goes on.  Last time we were there they had a wooden stump, a pile of nails and a hammer for the kids as well.  Needless to say the smaller kids were all well entertained.  Van was mostly impressed with the two kitties and the water dish for the dogs.  Sierra came too, she stayed near the lady cooking on the grill.

Saturday morning we woke up extra early to drive to Portoroz on the Slovenian coast.  Eric had a flag football tournament and we wanted to go to the beach.  Unfortunately the beach that was next to where the tournament was being held was cement with a drop off into the water.  So boys couldn't just play in the shallow part or on the edge in the sand.  It was a bit difficult for awhile since Van was over being in his little floatie after about 10 minutes by then Keenan had finally made it into the water and wanted to go out deep.  Thankfully the football players had a big gap between games so I had help!  I didn't take too many pictures... I guess I figured I had taken enough beachy pictures in Greece...

The boys and I left around 5:30, which I didn't realize it was the time until about 10 minutes into our drive home when Van started screaming and screaming...  He was starving.  Of course the nearest gas stop seemed to be miles and miles away...  I had a babysitter coming at 6:30 so I could go to a ladies night get together, I didn't get home until 7, both boys were GRUMPY, still hungry and just wanted me.  I felt a little bad for the babysitter, I did what I could but I had to hop in the shower and go... I guess that's why I pay her...  By the way they were both fine a few minutes after I left.

 Sunday Eric and Keenan went camping while Van and I went to the flea market.  Van discovered that he can open the dishwasher, stand on it and reach stuff on the counter.  Our dishwasher is small and doesn't work very well and since we have a major lack of storage we keep snacks in there... well we used to.  When all is quiet and I don't know where Van is he's either at the dog dish making a major mess with the water, in the small fridge digging around or now in/on the dishwasher.

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