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October 25, 2011

Ljubljana Marathon weekend

Keenan has been super excited about racing ever since I told him I signed him up for one.  For the occasion he wore his batman cape and Lightning McQueen hat.  If you can't tell it was cold that day.  The kid run was called "Lumpi run" which to me just sounds funny but Lumpi is a brand associated with a grocery store which is a major sponsor.   The kids were divided into birth year and gender.

 Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of him running during the race he said he didn't get first place but wasn't last either.  There were people everywhere and we think Keenan ran along the fence where Eric couldn't see him.  Upon finishing he told his dad that he forgot it was a race and forgot to turn on his "super speed"... cute!
 Keenan showing off his medal.

 Van running around afterwards.
 Van having a little tantrum
 Showing off his cape

 Afterwards we went and ate at the Thai pub, the boys weren't so interested in the food but were in playing with the tuk tuk(??) car.
 My race was the next day, I had major pre-race jitters.  I know I'm only racing for myself but it's still nerve racking!  Unfortunately all major roads around the race were closed so Eric dropped me off as close as he could then I walked the rest of the way. Keenan reminded me to NOT forget it was a race and to make sure I turned on my super speed!

 Since the race went right next to our house the boys cheered me on there.
 Waiting for me with noise makers.

Van was asleep in Eric's arms so these are the only two pics of me.


The weather was cold to stand in but perfect for running.  I ran faster than I thought I was capable of and ended up taking almost 10 1/2 minutes off my time from Vienna! :)  It felt great and I'm so happy with my time (1:49:51), my legs on the other hand are still reminding me of how hard I pushed it.  Not sure when the next half marathon is but hopefully I'll get another one or two scheduled for next year!

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Great job! You have to do a post for my blog now about it. With lots more details!