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January 4, 2012

Christmas cookies

Thankfully the day my mom chose to have all of her grandkids over to decorate cookies it was super nice since the decorating was in the garage and the kids decorated for about 5 minutes then took off to play.  (run on sentence??)  Keenan was most interested in seeing just how many sprinkles and candies each cookie could handle.

 Van just picking the candies off the cookies.

 cookies in various stages...
 Keenan liked the red-hots best
 dipping the cookie into the frosting seemed easier.

Clint and Scarlett

 We had approximately 10 seconds to snap as many pictures as possible before the starting screaming or running away.
8 kids ages 1 to 6.  My parents griped about needed grandkids about 7 years ago...

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