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January 14, 2012

Denver Children's Museum

Back when we were in Denver...  we visited the Denver Children's Museum with our friend Casey and his two little boys.  The kids all had a ton of fun!  Immediately they found the "grocery store"  Keenan wanted to run the cash register while Van helped bag, then they both wanted to spend lots of time being the shoppers.

 The grocery store also had a "pizza cafe" in it, Van was most interested in getting me lots of drinks.
 Next up:  The Bubble Room!  This room was a ton of fun, even for me and Eric!  Below the bubbles came from the ceiling apparatus and were filled with a thick, white vapor, Van loved this!
 Trying to be surrounded in a giant bubble.
 making little bubbles with dad
 Van and Davis waiting for the BIG bubble
 Keenan making the BIG bubble
 A BIG bubble
 Keenan and Davis popping bubbles

 Next up: Eric and Keenan headed into the build it room while Van wandered into the art room.  His masterpiece.
 Making his masterpiece.
 Veterinarian room.  Van being the receptionist.
 Checking out the animal cages.
 Dr.  Keenan checking on the x-rays.  Davis came up to Keenan and told him he was a nurse, Keenan replied "Well, I'M the DOCTOR!"
 Van and Colin
 Oops, I guess Van thought Colin needed treating too.
 The puppy must be feeling better...
 Rocket Room.  Eric helped Keenan build a nice rocket.
 Then spent time learning how to launch it and even make it through some of the hoops!
 Afterward we met up with Mark, Shannon and baby Chase at the Bull and Bush pub.  I added this picture but I thought the logo was funny.
Keenan got bored and made his own concoction of mayo, mustard and ketchup then proceeded to drink a bit with a straw.  GROSS!

While in Denver Eric got to play poker with the guys while I went to a movie with a friend and I also was able to have a ladies lunch without the kids!  What a treat!

While in Denver we stayed at my friend's house while her and her family went on a cruise.  It was nice to have the space and a place to stay.  One night Keenan was looking around and asked "Hey, why aren't there pictures of us up in this house?"  I reminded him that it wasn't our house.  "Oh" he says "Well, I want a house just like this one!"  I asked him what he liked about it, I'm expecting him to mention liking how the house is or something like that.  He surprised me by saying "Because, this house comes with a Wii!"  He was totally addicted to playing the Wii sports!

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