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March 9, 2012

February in Montana

The boys are totally addicted to the Ipad or any tablet that plays games...  Van went nuts anytime he saw one and had to play!  Spending time with Gramma
 Trying on Grampa's shoes...
 Keenan needed his picture taken too, can't give ALL the attention to little brother.
 Oh, better try on Gramma's shoes too...

4-wheeler rides with Grampa and a few cousins (next few pictures were taken from my sister's blog)
One way to get this many kids to listen... mention suckers!
Once they were all sugared up, they had enough energy to tackle Grampa down.
They still have extra energy... they are rolling down the hill
Grampa, on the other hand ran out of energy and took a short nap.
Time to bike down the hill
My sister Christy took Keenan with her and her kids for an afternoon and when I went to go pick him up Cade and Avery met me at the door with backpacks and sleeping bags... how could I say no?  They managed to talk me into spending the night twice (Avery three times).  Thankfully they are ready to go to bed early... but then they also wake up REALLY early.
Someone found the peanut butter. All four kids found the peanut butter, I kept finding spoons covered in peanut butter put back into the silverware drawer.
Yummy, best when it's all over!  Peanut butter is protein, right??
This bald eagle was right next to my parents house in the calving pasture.

February was spent taking out tonsils and playing with cousins as much as possible!  My sister Jami came down with Cade, Avery, Chase and occasionally Everett pretty much everyday.  It was really nice being able to spend time with her and all the kids.  My parents left the house to myself for 10 days in the middle of the month while they went diving in Fiji.  As much as I enjoyed spending so much time with family I am COMPLETELY ready to be in my own house and get back into a routine.  I am OVER living out of a suitcase!  Four more days until we can call Tunisia "home".

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