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March 9, 2012


I can count on one hand, make that one finger the amount of times I've been away from the boys... yup only once and that was over a year ago when I went to Florence with the girls and they stayed with their dad.  Since we haven't been back to Vegas since we said our "I do's" back in 2006 we decided a trip was in order...without the kids  We sent out an email to quite a few friends and amazingly enough all most everyone was able to make it.  We had  a group of about 20 people from California, Colorado, Ohio and Nebraska.  I was most excited to see two of my friends from college, Josh and Kaylinn, that I haven't seen for 6 years!!  Way too long!

Keenan and Van stayed in California with Eric's mom and sister and off we went! I admit I was a bit nervous leaving them for a long weekend but this was quickly forgotten as I needed a break!  My next worry was that I didn't even know what it was that I liked to drink anymore.  In college I loved Morgan and diet but that's just too sweet now.  Every since becoming a mommy drinking has taken a back seat... I rarely do it except for the occasional glass of wine or 1/2 a beer :)

We gambled (I like blackjack), we drank, we hung out with our friends... we did not take a lot of pictures however. :(  

These are the few we did get.
A few pictures of our Colorado friends... the guys
 the girls...

 in the elevator...

 going to the penthouse??  Yup!  Some of our California friends come to Vegas a lot and they were comped one of the suites way up in the penthouse.
 Those same friends also got free tickets to Brad Paisley and The Perry Band which I got!
 When I got the tickets Josh and Theresa told me "the seats aren't that great" no worries I said it's free.  Turns out the seats weren't very good because they didn't let us sit down, they made the first two rows stand next to the stage!

Kaylinn and I with the Perry Band behind us
 Kristen, Chad, Kaylinn and I getting ready for the concert to begin.
 Brad Paisley
 Us trying to show how close we are to the stage.
 I caught a guitar pick... not sure what I'm going to do with that guitar pick but now I have one that says "Brad Paisley"
 In N Out Burgers for the long drive back to San Diego.
 Fun fun weekend!  Overall I came out about even for the gambling aspect.

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