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May 1, 2012

Keenan's hat, a mosquito bite and my boys.

Van put on Keenan's hat and found it hilarious!  He ran around with it in on all night, everytime it would slip down over his eyes (which was every 5 minutes)  he would giggle as he righted the hat on his head.  I thought he looked adorable.  

 Last week Keenan got a nasty mosquito bite on the side of his forehead.  The first day he was red and very swollen and the next day the swelling dropped into his eyelid.  He looked pretty mournful.  Just to be on the safe side I walked him over to my office and let one of the Dr's peek at it.  Keenan ate up all the attention.  Everyone who stopped to say 'Hi" to us, Keenan would point at his swollen eye lid and proceed to tell them all about it.  He impressed the local ladies that work in the embassy by greeting them with "Asslaymah!"  It's an arabic greeting.  Our cleaning lady that works in the health unit mainly speaks Arabic so they are trying to teach me arabic phrases here an there, which sometimes they are coupled with French ones creating an Frenchabic that a lot of locals speak.

This is last night, the boys piled up dad watching TV.

After being here a month and a half we finally got some of our stuff, mostly toys and bedding.  The bulk majority of it should be here in another month, UGH!  I hate the waiting, I just want my stuff all ready!!

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