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July 24, 2012

Windy windy Kelibia

Two weekends ago we drove  a few hours away to Kelibia.  The drive was mostly nice (minus two crabby kids at times)  the drive took us in and out of small towns and across the country side.  We saw TONS of trucks full of tomatoes and big watermelons.  We stopped at a small stand on our way home to get a watermelon.  The sign said 500 with the word for watermelon.  I assumed this meant 5 dinars (about $3.30) and I was okay with that.  I handed the guy 5 dinars, he handed me 2 watermelon.  Super, I thought.  I put my watermelon in the car and was a bit miffed when I turned around and saw 3 guys all behind me carrying 2 watermelon each.  Whoa, back that horse up.  After a bit of bad French on our part we realized that the watermelon were 500 millieme or half a dinar or 30 cents each.  Ooops.  :)  I asked for 4 dinars back and left with only 2 melons.  30 cent watermelon, sweet!

We saw this truck ahead of us full of women, children and water floaties.  We actually saw quite a few people traveling to the beach this way.  The boys in this truck thought it was pretty funny that I took a picture of them.  (don't mind the bird crap, or bug guts, on the wind shield.)

The beach was pretty and not very crowded.  The water was an amazing blue/ green, the picturesdon't do it any justice.  The only problem with the day was that it was super SUPER windy.  As usual I slathered the boys in sun block, they were immediately covered head to toe in sand so then they were just gritty. I only took a few pictures as I didn't want sand to get in the camera.  Everything that we brought with us was covered in sand.  WE were covered in sand, every nook and cranny. 

After being in Europe for nearly 4 years where men wear speedos and the women barely wear anything at all, my own swimwear has gotten a little smaller and I never bothered to switch to the modest mom wear.  I figured "screw it" and bare my stretches marks without a second thought until now... now that I'm in Muslim country and the swimwear covers head to ankle with just the face, hands and feet sticking out.  I would guess that maybe half of the women wear this, maybe a little more.  I'm starting to feel a little "exposed" shall we say, maybe it's time to switch to a tankini at least??  I have one but it's not my favorite...

Despite the wind we stayed for quite a while and had fun anyways.
Sierrra too!  A bunch of local kids find Sierra amusing.  It looked to me as if they were daring each other to go and touch her.  Dogs are NOT common house pets, they are looked upon as dirty and quite a few people are very afraid of them. 

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