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May 22, 2013

all about Van

I found Van under the coffee table asleep with the ipad

 Driving home from town one day Van started yelling at me to stop the car and pointing to the rocks.  So we stopped and and took a walk. Rocks and lots of dirt, Van was lovin' it.

 Found Van in the puddle, pants half down and his his little butt sticking out... love this guy!
 Holding a new kitten. Van was in heaven, he loves little animals!
 Van loves going with Grampa and is usually not happy at all if he leaves without him. Van fell asleep immediately in the tractor.
 How is this even comfortable?  Totally passed out.  I was totally the envy of the other mothers with small kids at taekwondo.
 Playing with sticks in the water.

 Flying a kite.
 Van, of course insisted upon holding the string and running.  We had a fun time.
 Van was helping Grandma in the flower beds and they found a toad.  Van was pretty excited about this and just wanted to hold it.  He wasn't too sure about putting the toad in the "toad house".  He sat and watched him for quite a while telling him to come out of his house, occasionally lifting the house up to check if he was still there.

 Van went to Target with Aunty Christy and came back with paint, he even painted the cat...

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