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May 7, 2013


Strange, I really thought I had more pictures of the kids decorating easter eggs..

 Easter Egg hunt at a friends house.  Van fell asleep a few minutes before we arrived.  I felt bad so I grabbed him a couple off eggs.
 Keenan did really well!
 Easter morning.  Keenan picked out his green, green outfit.  Gross! I seriously can't stand when people pull their eyes down, its gross and un-natural.  Keenan is on to this so he does it all the time. ICK!

 My niece Scarlett.
 Another egg hunt, this one Van got to partake in.
 He was trying to show me the chocolate that he is about to eat!
 Afterwards snuggling a bunny at Aunt Jami's house.  Van did NOT want to let that bunny go!

Unfortunately, Eric could only stay for a few weeks then had to report in for work in DC.  Only a few months left until we can join him!

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