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November 3, 2013

Grandparents come to DC

My parents and Eric's mom flew in for a visit in September, at the same time!  My parents went and toured Gettysburg one day then we all went into DC for a night tour of the monuments.  We drove in part way then took the metro the rest of the way.  Our plan was to visit one museum, find dinner then walk around in the dark.  We arrived at the Holocaust museum a few minutes past five pm and were informed that the museum closed a few minutes prior.  Okay, on to plan B; find a place to eat.  We walked and walked, consulted our smart phones and ended up a bit unsure.  So, we took a cab and told him we were interested in eating at a seafood place.  He did not disappoint!  We ended up at an all you can eat buffet style place, it was nice and tasty.  I pigged out!  Keenan only wanted plain cheese pizza, how boring :)  We then called the same cab driver back so he could take us back to where we originally started, near the monuments.
Unfortunately the Washington monument is still under repair from the earthquake a few years ago so it's covered in scaffolding.  It's still beautiful.

 Below is 2007, I'm guessing in the beginning of September.  That was Keenan's first trip into DC.  I made them recreate the picture, complete with Keenan "sleeping".
 My parents
 Cool picture of the Vietnam memorial with the Washington one in the distance.

Van too!
Keenan played hooky from school so we could go back into DC for some more tourist fun.  Keenan and I rode with my parents on the way to the metro.  Right as my dad needed help figuring out which way to go I yanked on Keenan's tooth which went flying.  Needless to say there was a lot of whooping and hollaring about his first lost tooth which, really was now lost.  My mom and I were laughing, my dad was flustered and Keenan was in shock. Keenan showed EVERYBODY we passed that day his mouth with the missing tooth, we did find it in the car by the way.
We went back to the Holocaust museum first thing.  I've always wanted to go ever since I was younger and my mom had me read "Diary of Anne Frank".  When we lived in Ukraine I started reading a lot more about the personal experiences during the holocaust.  The subject is depressing and sombering, almost unbelievable that such atrocities could occur.  I'm glad i finally got to go.  We let the kids watch/play on the ipad's during the tour they still didn't last long.  Some day we can study the subject with them and take them back to the museum when they will appreciate it more.

My parents then hopped on a tour bus around DC.  We walked around a little more to show Louise some of the sites.

Family picture in front of the white house
Keenan got a hold of the camera

Long day of touring and walking around and Van fell asleep immediately on the metro ride home.

It was fun having our parents out, I know the boys miss their grandparents and the spoiling that follows them :)

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jsully21 said...

I'm so glad the boys got to have dual granparent time. It looks like you guys had lots of fun. I can't believe how big the boys are getting!