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March 18, 2008

Keenan's Cheeks

Since everyone comments on my sons cheeks and chub we'll start there. One of the first things the nurse said about my son in the delivery room was "he has jowls!" Since then the size of his cheeks are commented on a lot. Keenan was starving the minute he came into the world, it took him a whole two seconds to latch on and start eating. He seems to always be hungry, doesn't matter what I'm trying to feed him he'll eat it! The other night he decided he was done playing with my dad and started to make his way over towards me until he realized that Grampa had a bowl of food. Immediately he perked up, crawled back over towards Grampa and proceeded to beg. When Grampa wasn't feeding him fast enough Keenan let him know with a few grunts.

Eric called today and everything is all packed and ready for our move to Kiev. We are already thinking of stuff that is in our house hold shipment that won't reach us for three months that we meant to have left out to put on airfreight. Arrgh! At this point though... I haven't seen most of my stuff since the end of July when we moved out of our house in Colorado so what's a few more months... really? The packers that moved us were not so organized. Some boxes are labeled with the appropriate contents while others are labeled with mere suggestions of what might be inside. The guys pretty much opened up a drawer, dumped the contents into a box and sometimes labeled them. Its going to be kinda like Christmas when our stuff finally finds us in Kiev.

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