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March 26, 2008

leaving the US

Easter Sunday was spent in a mad rush trying to get everything packed up that I had managed to scatter all over my parents house. My husband always accuses me of not putting stuff back where I got it... ok ok in this case he might of had a point. We wanted to be on the road for our 8 hour drive for Keenan's morning nap (around 10) but just to throw a loop into things he got up a hour early and was rubbing his eyes before the rest of my siblings even showed up for breakfast. Ack! Luckily soon as everyone started to pile into the house there was enough commotion and little cousins to keep Keenan awake and well entertained. We even managed to snap a few pictures of the four little kids together. The next time we come back to Montana there will be 2 more cousins for Keenan to play with! Both my sister Jami and my sister-in-law Corrine are expected! Yay for them! Hopefully I escaped Montana without drinking to much of that fertility boosting water!

It was hard to say the goodbyes to everyone as I am very sad to be going so far away from my family. Keenan was really bonding with my parents and loved playing with my dad and his cousins. I cried. I hope we get a few visitors in Kyiv... hint hint to anyone reading this! I am excited at the opportunity to travel more and experience other cultures first hand... a bit nervous about the whole I don't speak russian or ukrainian thing though.

Soon as we packed Keenan in his new big boy car seat he fell asleep and off we went. With Montana in our rear view mirror I couldn't help but wonder when we'd be back. Eric really enjoys spending time on the ranch and learning how to be a "cowboy". The drive with Keenan went way better than I ever imaged. He slept from my parents home to Sheridan then I sat in the back and played with him until Casper where we stopped, had lunch and let him crawl around. Then he slept from Casper until Cheyenne and then I sat in the back with him again and kept him entertained until we arrived in Denver.

In Denver we stayed at the Brown Palace... pretty fancy! Eric and I both had to put on our complimentary robes that came with the room and ordered room service. We figured we might as well treat ourselves good! On Monday Eric's brother Mark brought up his two girls Mia and Maci so they could play with Keenan. That night we met up with a bunch of our friends for dinner. Going out with the gang isn't the same anymore... now there's three little boys in the mix! One of the little boys Evan is just four days older than Keenan.

Yesterday was spent flying back to D.C. It was a long day. Somebody (Eric) forgot to grab our stroller from storage so we (mostly I) had to lug Keenan around all day long. Not exactly an easy task considering the little guy weighs at least 20 pounds. Today I am taking it easy in yet other hotel room, at least this one is an extended stay one that looks like a townhouse with a kitchen and 2 bedrooms. Tomorrow... another day of travel. We have a night flight so hopefully Keenan will sleep and maybe I'll even get a little shut eye on the plane as well. Wish us luck! I'm so nervous!

I will post pictures later... shocking but I'm not sure where the cable for the camera is so I can't download. (ya ya if I would have put it back where it belongs!)


Laura Olson said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're blogging now. It will be a good way to keep up with you guys on your international adventure...

Jami said...

Yah...I can't wait to read all about your adventure. It's really going to make my days look tame over here. Best of luck on the trip, we're all rooting for you. Can't wait to see all the pictures and I'm glad that at least we can see Keenan grow up in pictures. (oh you can post video on here too... I think with blogger, you can also upload photo albums from flickr.com or photobucket.com so that way you can post a few in your blog and set links to bigger photo albums in one of those websites. Best of luck on your flight!

Jami said...

We're waiting ah, patiently for the next blog...you'd think you were on the other side of the planet!