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April 13, 2008

Easter Picnic

Yesterday, we went to a picnic at the ambassador’s house to celebrate orthodox Easter. The ambassador’s house is beautiful and has some amazing views. Right next to his house is an old orthodox church and behind his house you can see a better view of St. Andgrew's looming in the distance. There was an Easter egg hunt for the kids complete with a visit from the Easter bunny. I put Keenan right in front of a few eggs during his egg hunt and he was pretty happy playing with just one while the other little kids grabbed the other eggs in front of him. There was also a crazy Easter hat parade which Eric and I got roped into judging. Luckily for us there were enough prizes for everybody.

Yeah, I finally have a cell phone again! In the states I never went anywhere with out my cell, using for everything; a clock, a calculator, a calendar… ect ect. I’ve felt so lost with out one attached to my hip. I need to look up a few of the menu buttons as some of it is in Ukrainian.

Lots of pictures from the Easter picnic! I think Keenan looks so cute in his little hat. Yesterday morning it was a little cool and looked like it might rain. Today is grey and you guessed it...rainy! Usually it is grey in the morning then clears up, hopefully today will be the same.


Fav'rite Aunty said...

Darling Jess, this blog idea is the single best idea created -- at least for me. You might appreciate your cell phone better but I -- a lover of the written word -- so like to READ about your experiences. And all the wonderful photos are frosting on the cake. I check for new blogs on you three girls' sites several times a day and often re-read the last one or two whether or not there's a new one. I don't like talking on the phone but I love to read and re-read special things, and that's the category these three blogs fall into. I am SO tempted to start one myself but am restraining myself because I have so many other writing things that need doing and I KNOW they would suffer... These blogs that you can then publish into a book have the traditional baby book beat to a pulp. all my love to the three of you. I do hope you appreciate how lucky you are to be having this experience in the manner you are and with each other. xxxooo

Jami said...

How fun...although the Easter bunny looks a bit like a sheep or maybe a lop bunny... I loved Keean's hat. Carter had several like that, although now she's really into wearing her ball cap, like poppa!

Christy said...

The Easter bunny is hilarious and a little freaky looking but as long as he has candy I'm sure the kids don't care too much. Kids look so cute in hats

Fav'rite Aunty said...

I agree with your sisters--the Easter Bunny is definitely out there. He reminds me of the mimes I've seen in Vegas. Something between that and an unqualified pure-D fruitcake. Expect Keenan liked him fine. xxxooo