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April 26, 2008

Fish cake??

The first half of the week was grey and rainy! Wednesday it rained cats and dogs ALL day long! Needless to say Keenan and I stayed in. No worries though... the neighbor kids have been coming by every afternoon when they get out of school. It's actually been kind of fun and Keenan loves it. So there has been plenty of commotion and after they leave Keenan is completely worn out! The sun finally came out on Thursday. Yeah! So Keenan and I ventured out to have lunch with a few of the other women here. The restaurant’s menu was in both Ukrainian and English (whew… huge sigh of relief). Keenan managed to sleep through half of lunch and then he was done… he is not happy sitting in his stroller with a few cheerios anymore. He has to get down and explore things, see what will fit in his mouth. Luckily the other women all took turns passing him around and keeping him entertained while we finished lunch. At the front of the restaurant was a display case with cakes in it… well mostly cake. Next to all these prettily decorated cakes was a decorated fish. WHAT!? Yup, a fish that had olives for eyes and red icing in little designs over its body. Somehow, I think I’ll pass on that. Not very adventurous… I know.

Yesterday I walked down to a fruit stand, since it was sunny I put a hat on Keenan. I hadn’t even gone but a few blocks when I noticed the hat had slipped down over his eyes and he was out!

Keenan wasn’t as impressed with the bubble-fro.

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Laura Olson said...

No picture of the decorated fish??! That's okay - the bubble fro makes up for it, I guess.