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April 28, 2008

Holiday weekend

The weekend was beautiful. The sun was out and it was warm. Not surprising but most of the Ukrainian kids were still bundled up in winter parkas and knit hats. Keenan was barefoot and in short sleeves riding around in his stroller… the looks I got from the other ladies! For us it is a holiday weekend, Orthodox Easter, which means Eric gets a three day weekend. I actually thought Orthodox Easter was a few weeks ago when we had the Easter picnic at the Ambassador’s house but apparently I was mistaken.

This is a picture of the "Golden Gate" It used to be the old entrance to the city a long time ago. It has been restored and now has a statue in front. On the side is a huge iron gate.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked down town to a big shopping area on Khreschatyk Street. On the weekends they block off the traffic. There were street performers and plenty of outdoor seating at the restaurants. The “statue” in the picture is an actual person. That looks like a boring job to me, he moved really slowly. It took us a while to figure out if it was a person or a mechanical statue.

Here is a picture of the opera house.

As were walked home we noticed this tree growing out of the top of a rain gutter on this abandoned building.

Here’s a video of Keenan walking. He loves pushing this cart across the room, when he runs into the wall he makes a few grunting noises until we turn him and the cart around. Then off he goes again until he runs into the next wall.


Christy said...

Way to go Keenan with the walking! Cade has been busy walking around backwards. He seems to think that is pretty cool.

Jami said...

Every once in awhile I would see those statue performers in Denver or some other big city. What a strange job, paint yourself up to look like a statue and stand still all day. Too much like watching paint dry for me! Wow, Keenan looks like he'll be walking in no time. Carter loved all the push stuff to learn on, then mostly wanted me to hold her hands so she could walk around. Now she only wants to play with those push toys to keep Cade off them!

Deb said...

Keenan looks so dang cute walking!! I must have watched that video half a dozen times in a row.