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April 6, 2008

High heeled shoes... crazy!

Weather: mostly grayish, some scattered showers

Yeah! Keenan has been sleeping all through the night! This is his third night in a row! As you can tell I’m very excited about this. It has definitely helped having his own room. I don’t have to hear every little squeak he makes and soon as he wakes up he doesn’t see us. Today I went with my neighbor to an open air market and learned how to use the bus system. I definitely need to learn my Russian numbers better. When they tell me the price I usually stare blankly at them until they show me the amount on either a calculator or a cash register then I have to divide by 5 in my head (5 grivna to 1 dollar). The open air market is much like any other farmers market that I’ve been to, lots of fruits and veggies. Keenan stayed home with Eric which was a bonus since nothing is stroller friendly! We’ve been noticing that no one here takes their kids out with them. There were no strollers or babies at the mall yesterday and none that I seen today at the market place. A bonus for those without babies since strollers usually takes up a lot of space but… I have a baby and a stroller AND we need to get around! Sigh…

I’ve had a lot of questions about the bedae… No, I do not know how to properly use one nor have I tried. Not really sure if one is supposed to hover over it, use a splashing method or what. My neighbor uses hers to clean off muddy shoes.

Today we also figured out how to use our web cam with my parents. It was fun! So if any one else has a web cam or just a microphone we can talk. Let me know and I’ll give you our info. We haven’t gotten our internet phone set up just yet… hopefully soon. I’ll start taking more pictures so I have more to post. I think I’ve been in such a culture shock at everything. For instance the women hear run around town dressed up extremely nice with super high heels. I don’t know how they do it! They're crazy! I guess even in the winter when it's all icy out they'll still be running around in their stilettos. The heels are thin little needle points! I’d be wobbling all over the place, not to mention the shear amount of pain I’d be in. I probably look like a slob compared to the majority of the women I see here. I love wearing jeans and t-shirts!

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Fav'rite Aunty said...

first of all, jess, it's bidet. and it's sound great for cleaning shoes!

and yes, they love high-heels.