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April 7, 2008

A little of this and that

Weather: Kinda over cast, some sun peaking through.

I just thought this picture was cute. Keenan has been enjoying having so much space to wonder around. Plus since our stuff hasn't arrived yet there isn't much to get into yet. Hopefully we'll get our airfreight in this week, the rest won't come for about 2 months... give or take a few weeks. Keenan's favorite spot is still right in front of the dog dish splashing away! He also like the drawers in the bathroom, I finally just cleared out the bottom three for him. He's pretty content exploring around on his own until he get tired then he finds me, whimpers and just attaches himself to my pant leg.

I had to leave the apartment just at Keenan's nap time today. He immediately fell asleep in the stroller, not an easy feat considering all the bumps we go over!

Come on... who doesn't put their kid's hair into a mohawk during bath time??

Keenan is obviously very serious about brushing his 2 teeth. He has a few more trying to cut through.

Keenan saw this little girl at the International Women's Club of Kyiv meeting and was very entranced by her. They kept holding hands, it was sooo cute! Of course soon as the camera came out they stopped. She is actually only a few weeks younger than Keenan. She's just tiny! It was pretty cute watching the two of them.


Fav'rite Aunty said...

this is so great, jess, being able to share with you. and keenan gets cuter every day -- if that's possible. and you three girls are the best bloggers -- 'course you get all your writing skills from Fav'rite Aunty. xxxooo

Christy said...

Keenan is too cute! Not as cute as Cade of course, Avery is starting to get super cute with her little smiles. I love bathtime pictures.

Laura Olson said...

Aww. He is so adorable. I love seeing these pics. Keep posting!

Deb said...

This is great Jessica. I love seeing the pictures. The cam cord for talking and seeing each other is the best.