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April 21, 2008

Keenan's new sunglasses

Our weekend seemed pretty busy! Saturday was a beautiful day so we walked down to one of the malls (about a 25 minute walk with a stroller) and checked out the area. We bought Keenan a new pair of sunglasses since it was so sunny out. He left them on for about two minutes before he was done with them. That night we were invited over for dinner at one of our new friends’ house with a few other families. There was a three year old, a sixteen month old, two eleven month olds, and Keenan (nine months old), WOW that apartment looked like a tornado had gone through a toy store by the end of the night. The kids all seemed to have a good time and mostly played well together. The apartment also had lots of just random steps that most of the kids took turns diving off of. Keenan now has a big bruise on his cheek!
On Sunday Eric and I hired one of the American teenagers living in our building to baby-sit Keenan for the afternoon while we went to a Sushi cooking class put on by one of the Embassy families. It was a lot of fun, we learned how to roll sushi, make a cucumber salad and make teriyaki turkey. I know my dad is really wishing that I lived closer now so that I could make him some sushi! He’s pretty convinced that he never wants to touch the stuff.

I’ve been trying to keep the apartment all nice and organized… something that just isn’t in my blood to do. Anyway, so I put a few Tupperware drawers in the back of the living room filled with smaller toys for Keenan. He decided to climb right on in to play! I added a video just to see if it would work. It's a video from march when I was at my parents house. Keenan would attack this ball, roll over onto to it and just laugh! This amused him for quite a while! I can't believe how much faster he is at crawling now and how much bigger he is. He must have hit a growth spurt right as we were leaving the country.


Laura Olson said...

That pic of Keenan in the tupperware drawer is just the cutest! Glad to hear you guys are making some friends & getting some "you and Eric" time, too!

Christy said...

Cade won't leave his sunglasses on very long either. He likes to play with them and then when he should be wearing them he won't! Kids!