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April 18, 2008

I miss Montana beef...

I miss Montana beef! I browned some ground "meat" the other night to make some taco's but the meat was already salty and has seasonings in it. I'm not sure if all the ground "meat" is like that or I just got lucky. I say "meat" because I can't read exactly what the package says and I've been told sometimes pork or chicken is added to the ground beef. Needless to say it wasn't too tasty, our taco's were really salty. I miss having a freezer full of BEEF!

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Christy said...

Ha ha nothing like a little mystery meat. You are going to have a tough stomach when you leave there! How is learning the language going? Keenan looks like he is having fun playing with his new toys. Nothing is as great as new forms of entertainment for kids!