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April 4, 2008

“Lady with a baby!”

April 1st

We got up this morning at 5am so that we could go to see President Bush. No strollers, no food nor no drinks were allowed inside. So, that meant I had to hope Keenan ate enough while he was half asleep and I had to carry him for what felt like miles! (Probably only a half mile) Since we live in the city and there is virtually no parking it is easier to walk most places. Oh and our car won’t arrive for a few more months! Most of the families that work at the Embassy arrived for the meet and greet with the President, there was a pretty big group of us. We arrived a little bit after 6am and had to wait until 8:30 for the President to come make his appearance. Here we are waiting, Keenan got so sleepy.

They had all the kids arranged in nice neat rows sitting on the side so that they could get a big group photo with Bush. They wouldn’t let Keenan up there since they had to sit there quietly the whole time and no parents were allowed behind the ropes. Our neighbors little boy got a stern talking to from the Secret Service as he was fighting with the little girl next to him. After the President made a short speech Condalisa Rice, The First Lady, and him all started shaking the people’s hands that they could reach from their side of the rope. Soon as President Bush saw me and Keenan he said “Oh, it’s a lady with a baby!” and reached out for him. He held and played with Keenan for a little bit while lots of people, including us, took pictures. Thankfully Keenan didn’t cry but, he didn’t look too thrilled about the whole thing either. The First Lady then gave Keenan a little goodie bag with some Easter stuff, a book and some Peeps (which we’ll probably eat for him). Either way, Eric and I were both excited about the whole thing. After all this was only Eric’s second day of work and we already got to shake hands with both the President and the Secretary of State!

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Fav'rite Aunty said...

MARVELOUS photos. And so great for your family home in Montana to vicariously share your adventures! xxxooo