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April 4, 2008

What are we eating?

March 31st

Eric and I have always tried to eat pretty healthy. We usually read the label and stick to a lower fat diet, we try to pick leaner cuts of meat and ect ect. I usually try to avoid a lot of the artificial sweeteners as well as splenda because they just don’t agree with me. Right now we’re lucky if we’re able to guess what is in the package that we’re buying. Sure, some things are obvious but other things not so much. Take our lunch meat in the fridge, one package looks like a pork product while the other one, well we’re not so sure. We’re just assuming it is meat. Our yogurt we have no idea if its light or full fat… guessing full fat since it is incredibly creamy. Not sure though what sort of sweetener is used. Our milk comes in a little square box, not sure why but it tastes different. I’ve heard the milk has a longer shelf life here?? Eric guessed that he was buying sour cream and actually ended up with it. Mostly we can kind what it is but not sure on the flavors or what it’s actually made of or with. There are quite a few soviet style grocery stores here. Everything is behind the counter, you tell the person what you want and in each section of the store you pay for your stuff. We do a lot of pointing, smiling and nodding our heads.


Fav'rite Aunty said...

give up. the food situation is hopeless.

Jami said...

I love it. I sometimes feel that way now, trying to pick out the right stuff when you CAN read the labels. I can't imagine trying when you can't read them. How's dinner been? I rather imagine I would be shopping mostly as the commisary at first, or at least betting the basics until I felt braver.