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April 4, 2008

Trying to adjust

March 30th
We went for a walk to try and get acquainted with our area a little better. This town was not made for strollers! The sidewalks are very uneven, lots of random steps, big curbs, pedestrians do NOT have the right of way and people park and occasionally drive on the sidewalk. Poor Keenan gets jostled all over the place. After we hit one particularly large bump Keenan started crying, upon closer inspection he had a little bit of blood around his teeth. He bit his lip. I think I’m going to have to look around for a better stroller. The ones that I’ve seen other people using here have very large wheels that look like they can at least bounce over the bumps a little easier.

There are stray dogs and cats all over the city. The dogs seem not to bother people but always bark at Sierra. I’ll be very amazed if we are able to leave here without adopting a cat or two. My husband can be a sucker for homeless animals. That’s how he ended up with the cats that we had in Colorado. He found one, adopted it and then felt bad that she was alone so he adopted another one from a shelter.

Keenan’s been having a rough time adjusting to the time change. Daylight savings just hit here this weekend so we are 9 hours ahead of Mountain Time. He has been so much crabbier and cries a lot more when he’s tired… which seems to be all the time! I think he’s also trying to cut a few more teeth too. Maybe he just really misses his Grampa and Gramma from Montana! There was so much more commotion at my parents house during our month long stay in Montana. Always seemed to have at least one cousin around and of course his grandparents to spoil him! Here are a few pictures with Gram, Gramps and his cousins. As of right now Keenan has 3 cousins on my side and 2 more on the way. My oldest sister Jami’s a little girl named Carter that is 2 ½ who loved helping out with Keenan and one on the way. She was constantly shoving his binky back in his mouth and wanted to give him baths all the time. She even hopped in with him once. My other sister Christy has Cade who is 1 ½ and Avery who is 7 weeks old. She looks so tiny compared to my little chunky man! On Easter morning Carter came over to my parents eating a sucker, pretty soon Cade was enjoying the same sucker, then pretty soon I looked over and Keenan had the sucker in his mouth! Ick! Hopefully everyone is healthy and not spreading the latest virus!

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Laura Olson said...

Awww. Poor Keenan - it's hard being jetlagged, especially when you can't express it. And to be getting teeth at the same time? No fun...