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April 8, 2008

went for a walk

weather: sunny and nice! Yeah!

I decided to take Keenan for a little stroll today. The weather is beautiful and actually its pretty warm out today. Yeah! It's been grey and rainy for the last few. I wanted to check out a store along that way that sells shampoo, lotion... all that good stuff, to see what they had. Yeah brands I recognize just labels in a different language. I walked down to St. Sophia (I think) and off in the distance I could see more golden domes which is another monastyr (I think... I could definitely be wrong). I was going to venture down that way but Keenan was ready to not have his butt sitting in a stroller. I figure that can be for another day. Here are a few pictures of other buildings that I just thought looked neat. Some of the architecture is really pretty, lots of detail. A lot of the buildings look like they could be so charming and pretty, they just need a little TLC. The city is rebuilding all over, from our kitchen window Eric and I counted 21 large cranes in the sky. The picture with the sign on the building is a coffee house. I haven't tried out this particular chain yet but, I've heard it 's pretty good. Keenan has been having a fever on and off for the past few days I hope he's not trying to get sick! Last : Here's a picture of Keenan NOT wanting to take his nap. Soon as I brought in the camera... I had to get a picture for the blog, he started smiling and thinking we were playing.

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