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May 22, 2008

Navigating underground

My neighbor gave me her old jogging stroller since she doesn't need it anymore. It has big wheels and goes over the bumps a lot better plus the wheels are wide enough to use the ramps on the stairs to cross the street (shocking but no elevators). WHAT? You cross major streets by going underground, in these tunnels are many vendors, sometimes stores and even underground malls. They can be tricky to navigate through as there are lots of twist and turns, so sometimes its hard to gauge where your going to come out at. Yesterday to get to baby group I was able to experience the fun of going up and down the ramps with my new very large stroller. Going down was easy, going up took a little practice. I first tried to push the stroller up and I must have looked like I was struggling quite a bit... which I was a guy passing by tried to ask me something and then said "whew, American girl...strong!" Two men came to my aide and helped me. I now realize its easier to pull the stroller up the darn ramps. Oh and only some of the stairs have ramps, I got caught at a set of stairs with no ramp. I wasn't sure exactly what to do when once again a Ukrainian man came to my rescue. Chivary is still alive! The picture below is the Maidan. Its a shopping mall that is both above and below ground in the fun confusing tunnels. Where the trees are there are quite a few water fountains and vendors. On my way back I walked through St. Michael's square and thought I'd get a better picture of it. I think its so pretty.
The afternoon was pretty warm, by the time I hiked back to our apartment I was one sweaty mess! Keenan on the other hand was sacked out. Oh no! He doesn't have any socks on... call the police! A puppy followed my neighbor Teri home the other day and she felt bad because it was all alone. So she brought it inside and wanted to know if we needed a new puppy because she already has two. Uhmm let me check... NO! I quickly shut the door so Eric wouldn't hear this conversation but he came out anyway. Luckily, he realized that we did not in fact need another dog. Teri washed the puppy five times and dirt was still coming off her! Then they noticed she had a lot of fur missing and that she was probably sick and they couldn't just put her back out on the street. They took her to the vet and found out she has a really really nasty case of ring worm plus pneumonia and now they have to give her shots four times a day for at least a week! Now that they have spent quite a bit of money they are looking for a new home for the puupy. I think her kids are getting attached though, they named her CiCi. Hopefully this will teach Eric and I not to bring any cute street puppies home.


Wynne Jennine said...

those cute puppies are so much trouble! We are looking at getting a couple of new kittens - gluttens for punishment!

Laura Olson said...

Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts. You guys are too soft-hearted to resist the homeless puppies for long!