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May 21, 2008

Shouldn't he be wearing socks??

I was trying to make Keenan pose to get a cute picture in his little outfit but, I forgot and left the remote within reach. He was much more interested in that. This is how he really feels about wearing hats! I asked my language teacher (I'm trying to learn Russian...it's hard!) why all Ukrainian kids wear hats for so long. She told me it was to protect their tender heads and scalps. Uhmmm... the hats are sometimes thin? Apparently anything on their heads will help protect them. I thought she was going to have a fit when she came over the other day because Keenan was running around in just a t-shirt and his diaper. She kept asking me if I needed to go get him some socks... she asked at least five times! And "NO" I kept telling her he was just fine. There is also some Ukrainian superstition about not letting your baby near a drafty window... once again my language teacher about had a fit when we were by my open kitchen window admiring the view of the golden domed monastery. She must think that I am a very unfit mother... I wonder what she told her friends about me after she left.

Keenan loves checking out the fridge. Every time I open it he comes crawling at amazing speeds over to come see what's all inside. I know I shouldn't encourage him... but I had to get a picture. Here he found a small onion and had just taken a little nibble, he wasn't too impressed. He got all excited when he found the container of strawberries though. I really didn't want to repeat the mess we had a few days ago... boring I know, so I chopped them up and helped him.

We just bought a juicer/food processor and it works great. I was experimenting with all the different blades on Monday... I chopped up a little bit of everything! What a mess! We did have a really good salad though... and Keenan had some home-made french fries... and we had fresh squeezed juice... and home-made baby food!

Eric just got this new game chair for the Play Station and Keenan thought that it was pretty neat. He sat in it for quite a while this morning wanting to be rocked. He looks pretty comfy.


Christy said...

Well Keenan's feet do look a little cold.. HA! Too funny I bet you are getting so tired of that. Love the little plaid outfit. Cade still isn't over his fridge/freezer fascination, ohh the things to find in there it is always changing.

Laura Olson said...

Oh my goodness - I love the stories of the Ukranians thinking you're an unfit mother. They should see what some really unfit mothers from the U.S. do with their kids!

mom said...

Does your teacher realize you are a nurse? She should see how cold it is in Denver and Montana. Keenan is adorable. Love Louise