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June 17, 2008

Walk through the park

Monday was another Ukrainian holiday. Which one I'm not sure but, Eric had the day off so we went to a nice park. Keenan did NOT want to get off the swing!

The park overlooks the Dnipro River. There is a "funicular" (cable railway) to get down the hillside plus plenty of walkways and stairs to get to some nice paths by the river. We didn't do down we just walked along the upper part.
Here is the back side of the Monument to Prince Volodymry. This was the first sculptural monument erected in Kyiv in 1853. I believe the monument honors this man for baptizing the people of Kyiv.
Here is the "Arc of Friendship". It was built in 1982 to honor the union of Ukraine and Russia. I've heard at night that it is all lit up with the colors of the rainbow. Underneath the arc are statues which I don't have pictures of because the day we went there and stood underneath it we forgot the camera.
Keenan loves playing with Sierra. Sierra on the other hand...well she tolerates him. Here is a picture from when Keenan was only a few weeks old and one from now. I can't believe how much he's grown! And yes... we're planning on getting his hair cut soon. Hopefully his haircut won't take as long as mine did. Everybody warned me that the beauticians here like to take their time... they weren't exaggerating! It took over 4 hours to have mine highlighted and trimmed. Granted she did come to the apartment late, so that Eric would be home to watch Keenan but, at 11:30 at night I finally had to tell her ENOUGH!


Corinne said...

How do you know so much about the buildings and people in Ukraine? Do you do research before you post the pics or have a travel book you take with you places? Either way, the tid bits are awesome. Love the before and now shots with Sierra...he is so big! 4 hours...holy cow, and she came to the apartment. That must have been weird.

Jessica said...

of course I have a little tourist pamplet... it's even in English so I don't have to try and translate it!

Laura Olson said...

I'm loving the pics with Sierra! And the pic of you - great hair. :)

mom said...

I love his hair. The twins had long curly hair when they were his age.