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June 15, 2008

We tried...

We really wanted to go to the Paul McCartney concert but so did everyone else! We couldn't find a babysitter so we thought we would at least go down to the Maidan Square and see a little bit of the performance... with Keenan in tote of course. So we shoved Keenan in the Snugli carrier and headed out to meet up with a few other people for pizza before hand. When we left the restaurant it was raining cats and dogs... actually I'm pretty sure we were in the middle of a monsoon! So the three of us huddled under one tiny umbrella and went to a bar to try to wait it out. The bar had the nerve to request that everybody in the bar spend at least 100 grivnas, only about $20 but we figured we'd only be in there for a few minutes. So instead our whole group of people took shelter in the entryway of the bar to try to wait the storm out. Did I mention it was an outdoor concert? We finally gave up and splashed through the rivers of water coming down the sidewalk while the monsoon carried on all around us. Eric and I were soaked by the time we made it home, Keenan on the other hand was the only dry one of the bunch. He got the protection of Dad plus the majority of the umbrella. The concert I guess finally did start but it was late getting going. Sorry there are no "after" pictures of us looking like drowned rats!

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Corinne said...

Bummer about the concert! Keenan looks cute sitting on his little bike. He looks like he is specially posed for the picture with his little hands so nicely rested on the handlebars and everything. Hope you aren't floating away!