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July 22, 2008

Awesome nurse wages

Now that we are settled in pretty good... as good as its going to get anyway, I figured I'd start to look at the job market. I only wanted to part-time, just enough to keep my head in nursing and make a little extra money. To start my job search I went through the embassy as there is a lady here who's job is to help spouses find jobs. I'm a nurse, shouldn't be a problem... right? She sent me some contact information on a local hospital and quoted the wages to be $600 USD. Hmmmm, I thought... is that a week? every two weeks? Full time? Part time? Uhm NO! That would be FULL TIME and MONTHLY! ACK! I don't think that would even pay our sweet little Ukrainian babysitter. (She's a farm girl from western Ukraine going to college here, I just love her!)

Uhm yeah... I'm good with being a full time stay at home mommy! I guess I'll have to figure some other way to keep my brain functioning in nurse mode because for now I'm enjoying spending ALL of my time with Keenan. He's going up so fast.


Deb said...

Stay home and enjoy Keenan. You won't ever regret it. Before you know it he will be in school and it will be easier to go back to work part time. Mom

Linda Anne aka Old Queen, Wicked Stepmother, & Fav'rite Aunty said...

Jess, does the "local hospital" cater to Americans or are the patients Ukranian or what? Personally, I think you should find a very part-time job of some sort -- and nursing is what you do -- that puts you in meaningful contact with Ukranian citizens because it will allow you a far better "feel" of the country, the politics, the privilege of being American, etc. Forget the money. Go for the experience. And how wonderfully lucky you are to have a nice babysitter you can trust.

mom said...

I agree with your mom. Stay home with Keenan. Enjoy the time. There is plenty of time later to work Love Louise

Jami said...

Yeah...I go with the be a mommy right now part, but I'll be it would be nice to have something you could do part-time or here and there. You'll never regret staying with your little boy and being a mommy though. I even have days now where I feel guilty about Carter being gone half days or where I'm trying to catch up on work when she's home and all she wants is mom to play with her...that and catch grasshoppers. : )

Corinne said...

Crazy, crazy. Just not worth it! Besides being able to stay home is defenitely worth it!!