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July 20, 2008

Dr. Visit

Once again it was time to take Keenan in for his "Well baby" check up, which also meant getting the dreaded shots. It makes me feel so bad to hold Keenan while he howls and howls while he's getting needles shoved into his legs. One minute he's happy and life is good the next he has a sharp needle sticking in his leg, seems like such a dirty trick. On the otherhand I do realize they are necessary. I casually suggested to Eric that maybe he could come with us. I was pretty pumped when he agreed to take off an hour from work and tag along. Yeah! I don't have to be the bad guy this time. Of course I let Eric hold Keenan. It was still painful to watch. Eric looked like he was in as much pain as Keenan. Keenan managed to get one arm free and went for the needle which then scraped along his leg making him howl harder. I brought snacks as bribes to calm him down afterwards. It's so traumatic!

Keenan is now 30 3/4 inches tall and 21.4 pounds. He used to be in the 90th percentile for weight but now he's down to the 25th and up to the 75th for height. All that walking around getting into stuff must be burning lots of calories.

Keenan zonked out before we even made it home, Dr. visits are exhausting. That night he started getting a fever and by the next day he had a fever and the runs. Bleh! When he doesn't feel good he sure turns into a little cuddle bug. I took advantage and rocked him lots, snuggled and let him fall asleep on me while I watched a little TV. Keenan's getting to be just a little busy body the only times he wants to cuddle are when he's really sleepy or sick. He'll also go get a book then crawl into my lap now. He's usually only interested in the book if it's a "touchy feely" one or "lift the flap" book.


Nicole said...

Aww, I can imagine that would be hard seeing him cry with the shots. The bribe is a good idea though!

Laura Olson said...

Poor little guy - sounds traumatic!

mom said...

Poor baby. I can feel his pain. I hated taking the kids to the doctor. Love, Louise