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July 11, 2008


Getting so big!
Keenan has been loving his little jump and spin zebra. He has to get on it and jump for a few seconds, get the music going (what toy doesn't have sound and lights?) Then he get off and decides he wants back on.
I can't believe my little man is getting so big! We started using sign language again with him, we had started quite a while ago but then forgot about it... Anyhow he uses the sign for "more" a lot, now we are starting to work on "all done" and "please". He's starting to talk a little bit, other than a whole lot of babbling that is. It sounds like he says something close to "up" when he wants me to pick him up and "hot" when he's close to the oven.


Linda Anne aka Old Queen, Wicked Stepmother, & Fav'rite Aunty said...

Yes, your little man is certainly growing, but he's as cute as ever. And so's his mama!

Deb said...

Loved the picture of you and Keenan!

Jami said...

I LOVED Baby sign language. It was such a big help for a long time especially for 'drink', 'food', etc. I didn't teach her a whole lot of signs but the few I did worked great. She loved all the animal signs and would use them when ever we saw some.