Our Travels

September 3, 2008


The dog bowls are supposed to be off-limits to Keenan... which is probably why he finds them so intriging. He still loves to splash in the water, mix the dog food into the water, well basically put anything and everything into the water dish. On this particular day the dog bowl, minus the contents which are probably all over the floor, made a swell hat.
The hat apparently made him want to parade all over the apartment. Yes, I realized I encouraged him by bringing out the camera. I needed blog material...The entertainment center is also supposed to be off-limits. Keenan is once again extremely intrigued by all of the buttons and lights. He occasionally leaves evidence of where he's been. These are his footprints on the glass after he'd climbed up on the entertainment center. Just when I thought he was beginning to listen... HA! The TV also had a few small handprints up as high as he could reach.


mom said...

He is getting so big. We have missed so much. He is so adorable, even with the dog bowel on his head. Wish I could hug him and pinch his cheecks. Love Louise

Corinne said...

He is such a ham! We ant wait to see you again!

Christy said...

They turn into such little monkeys when they figure out they can start climbing onto things. I love the dog dish hat theat is quite a look.

Jami said...

LOL! Off limits means to Carter meant you test every single day to see if mom was really serious! Good luck!