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September 3, 2008

Ukrainian Independence Day

Last Monday was Ukrainian Independence Day, which meant that Eric had the day off. Yeah!
On Sunday there was a big military parade complete with lots of soldiers marching, big tanks and other big military equipment. I guess Ukraine needed to show off their power, with the recent happenings between Russia and Georgia some are speculating that Ukraine could be next.

We figured we better go down and watch the parade. We had a pretty good view. Keenan was happy so long as he had a snack and a seat up on Eric's shoulders.

The streets were lined with people watching the parade. We managed to picked a pretty good spot. Soon as the parade got close to us it split up into three different ways. In the picture you can kind of see where some of the parade split to the right.

For a finale jets flew overhead. We left the parade a little bit early to beat the crowd trying to leave the area. We went up to the Spuce where all the crafts and art are sold. Keenan zonked out while we tried to bargain on a few wooden Santa Clauses.


Laura Olson said...

Such cute pics! We've been thinking of you guys while reading the news about Georgia. Fingers crossed that nothing like that happens in your neck of eastern Europe.

mom said...

Hope Russia forgets about you guys. Keenans hair is so light, just like Eric's and Mark's when they were baby's. Love, Louise

Corinne said...

looks like qute he parade!