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December 11, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Last weekend we got out our Christmas decorations, or I should say what we have with us. Between all of our moving we seem to be missing a bit of our decorations. We're hoping they got left in storage back in the states, thankfully we think it was only some cheap decorations and the lights which would be the wrong voltage for here anyway. I had the joy of trying to find new Christmas lights here. I wasn't exactly sure where to start looking but ended up a grocery store that also has a lot of other stuff in it. After walking through the Christmas isles over and over I finally found someone who spoke enough English to understand what I was looking for. He points out a tiny tiny box, I thought he must be kidding. Sure enough inside the box was a small strand of lights. Beggers can't be choosy sooo... each strand of lights went around the tree twice, barely. Also, the lights don't plug into each other so for each strand needs it's own outlet.

Keenan liked the idea of putting decorations on the tree, then immediately taking them off. A week later the bottom part of our tree is pretty bare. So far he could care less about the wrapped presents under the tree, he just wants to pull of all the decorations.

Last weekend we also went to a large market that had lots and lots of kid and baby stores all together in one location. We walked into one of the toy stores, Keenan immediately wanted down to check everything out. I think he was in shock at first because he just stood there with his eyes wide open. He would reach his arm out to touch something but then he would see something else and go for it. He mostly wanted to play on the riding toys. We felt it would have been a little harsh to walk out of there empty handed so we ended up with a rather large pop-up tent and tunnel toy for Keenan to crawl through. It was a big hit when we got it all set up in the living room. Our apartment felt so large when we first moved in, now with all of Keenan's toys its starting to feel smaller and smaller.
I think Eric was trying to make Keenan sit still so he could play with our new camera's settings. I don't think Keenan looks to thrilled about it all.
Keenan likes to grab Eric's playstation controller and start pushing buttons. He must have thought it was pretty funny that he got the controller and his seat.


mom said...

His tree looks great. When it comes time to open gifts he will get into it. We hope to scype you sometime on xmas day. Mike and Toni will be here, it might be in the middle of the night for you guys. We will work it out. Love, Louise

Jami said...

Nice tree! Carter love moving the ornaments around as much as she can get away with!

Corinne said...

Oooh, the tunnel toy looks like a blast! All the toys take up a ton of room though!! We loved the videos from a couple posts ago...clint even had a pretty good chuckle with them! The pics are awesome, but it is even better to see Keenan in action. I need to put more of them up too!