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December 11, 2008

Christmas cookies

I decided to make Christmas cutout cookies a few days ago. Keenan was a big help! Well... maybe a big nuisance! He really likes to sit on his chair on watch what I'm doing for a few seconds then finds the need to dig in and do something. I had a bunch of cookies all cut out, perfectly I might add, then Keenan decided that looked fun so he smashed the cookie cutter into those cookies. What ever didn't get smashed by the cookie cutter got pounded with his hands. I learned to work fast and mostly stay on my side of the table where he couldn't reach. While he napped I frosted cookies, maybe next year he can "help" with that!


Laura Olson said...

Too cute! At least he likes to help. :)

Jami said...

Oh aren't they soooo much help?

mom said...

He is so adorable. It brings back memories of my kids doing the same thing. Just put his cookies on a different plate for him to eat. Love, Louise