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December 6, 2008

What Keenan's up to.

Keenan loves to feed people other than himself... particularly his dad. For some reason he doesn't like to eat dinner when I feed it to him but soon as Eric gets home (he's been working really late) Keenan wants to crawl up into his lap, feed both Eric and himself. We were at the Embassy playgroup last weekend and Keenan wouldn't eat anything that I tried to feed him but, preferred to go from adult to adult begging food and yes, trying to feed them their own food.

Keenan discovered walking backwards and for almost an entire day insisted on walking backwards. Now, he's over it.

We occasionally practice sitting on his potty and if Keenan happens to pee a little bit he immediately jumps up after two little dribbles and wants to dump it... then usually finishes peeing on the floor... sigh...

When he's really tired he will try to pull blankets out of his crib and then give up the sign for night night when he sees us. Actually pretty handy, plus he goes to bed really easily.

Loves, loves and I mean LOVES these "find the duck" books that we have. On every page there's a little duck hidden. With a little pudgy finger he'll point it out and say "duck duck" then is no longer interested in that page.

Moo's whenever he sees a cow. My nephew Everett's birth announcement picture is on my fridge and it has a baby farm animal border... so when he sees the picture he immediately starts moo'ing.


Corinne said...

How fun...he is getting so much figured out!

mom said...

What a smart little boy. He must look adorable feeding Eric. Love, Louise