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January 6, 2009

Bathtub Crayon fun

I've been really bad about not having my camera with me lately, or just taking pictures for that matter. The weather has been gray and cold here so mostly we've been trying to stay busy and entertained inside. The sidewalks are icy and slushy, most people find it easier to walk on the street. I made the mistake of taking Keenan out in the stroller, we spun out a lot.

Because of the holidays there hasn't been any baby group (we are graduating to toddler group when it starts back up) or any gym class to go to. Tomorrow is Orthodox Christmas which means the day off for Eric. Yeah for Ukrainian holidays, Eric can help keep Keenan busy.

On Sunday we met some friends at a nice play area in one of the malls. This time Keenan absolutely loved being in the ball pit. There was a little Ukrainian girl that kept attacking me and Eric. She would run up to us and want to be picked up, when I was sitting on the ground she started kissing my cheek and hugging me, she wouldn't let go. I kept looking around for her parents as each child is supposed to be accompanied by someone. I never did see anyone that looked as if they were claiming her. There were also two people dressed up as Shrek and Tigger walking around. I thought Keenan would be scared of them but he walked right up to them and started smiling and waving.

Keenan received bathtub crayons as a Christmas gift. Surprisingly it does wipe right off.

Here's Sierra looking like she's not wanting her picture taken.

Today the sun is actually shining and there are blue skies! It feels like days since that last happened. Yeah! I took Sierra and Keenan outside this afternoon and Keenan did NOT want to go back inside. He was having so much fun marching through the snow, digging in the snow, falling down in the snow... There's one friendly little street kitty that will come up to us and whenever Keenan sees him he says "MEOW, MEOW" then tries to chase him down to pet him. When his nose and cheeks were red red with the cold I was finally able to drag him in.


mom said...

Sounds like fun. Love his pictures in the tub. Love, Louise

Jami said...

Carter always loved bathtub crayons too...and eating them and mashing them into stuff. They do come off, but what a mess. Keenan looks pretty happy with them!