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January 26, 2009

Egypt trip: Day 1

After a week being in the sun and beautiful weather we arrived back in Kyiv to find it cold and dreary. We had a great trip and I was very happy that my parents came along too. When we first started to plan the trip we weren't to sure about how much actual touring would be happening because of toting a toddler along. We figured we would be back at our hotel for naps and see how happy the little trooper was and take things as they come. Our tour guide ended up keeping us really busy all day long. Luckily Keenan was mostly a good little trooper and took his naps in his carrier that either Eric or I wore. We spent 4 days in Cairo and 3 days on the coast of the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh. For our time in Cairo we hired a tour guide whom thankfully had a big van and an excellent driver. The traffic is very crazy there, 22 million people living in Cairo and at least 2 million people coming into the city for work everyday!!

Our flight got into Cairo at 1 in the morning, the only direct flight option, and my parents flight got in soon after. We had great hopes of Keenan sleeping on that flight but he was wound up and hyper. He finally fell asleep right before we got to our hotel. Eric and I had a "Pyramid View" room which consisted of peering out of a small barred window and was right next to a very busy, noisey street, which prompted us to switch rooms the next morning! Our second room had a nice balcony with a better view of the Pyramids and was slightly less noisy. Here's a view from our Hotel with the Giza Pyramids behind us.
Our hotel had a nice play area which Keenan, of course, loved!
That afternoon after we had rested up a bit our tour guide, Ahmed, came to pick us up to see the Giza Pyramids up close. Soon as we arrived Keenan fell asleep on my back and spent most of the time sleeping. He at least woke up for the camel ride!

The Great Pyramid
All of us in front of the Great Pyramid... with a sleeping Keenan
Standing on the Great Pyramid with Keenan missing seeing one of the 7 great wonders of the world up close.

We crawled down into one of the smaller ones which is not an easy feat with a sleeping child on your back! It was a lot of work trying to crouch down extra low so I wouldn't bang Keenan's head on the top of the tunnel.
This is a boat that was found buried next to the Great Pyramid. Keenan slept through this part too.
At least he woke up for a few pictures.
I didn't think I would ever see my dad in Africa let alone riding a camel but here he is doing both!
Keenan is actually awake for this part, he's in the carrier on my back!

Next up on the tour, the Sphinx.

After that, Ahmed took us to his family's Papyrus shop. The Papyrus plants are pressed into paper then written on or drawn on to make art. papyrus paper is supposedly the first paper ever made. While we were inspecting all the pictures I realized it had gotten really quiet... hmmmm... where's Keenan? Oh, he's dumping the sugar from the drink tray everywhere! Grrrr!

I will write more later. Keenan is up from his nap.


Laura Olson said...

Wow - what great pics! I can't wait to read more about your trip. :)

Corinne said...

It looks like you guys had a great time!! Love the pics! Cant wait to hear more about the adventures

mom said...

I am enjoying the pictures. Wish I had been there. It looks so neat. I thought it would be different. Love Louise