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January 30, 2009

Cairo, Days 3 &4

Next up on our tour of Cairo was the Citadel. This was built in the 12th century, some of the building were built out of stone taken from the pyramids. The citadel sits up on a hill and provided strategic military positioning from attackers. There are also mosques and a a pretty cool view of the city. Upon entering the mosques we had to take off our shoes and walk barefoot as the people who worship here do so on the ground.
This picture doesn't do justice to the intricate details on the wall.

Next up, the "The Egyptian Museum". This museum was packed full of everything! Lots or tombs, mummies, Egyptian artifacts, artifacts from King Tut's tomb including his golden mask... Unfortunately we couldn't bring our camera's in and take pictures. We seriously could have stayed in there all day. Ahmed kept us on tract. He whisked us through the more notable artifacts and time periods then gave us time to look inside the mummy room, the animal mummy room and to look through all the amazing things found in King Tut's tomb. The amount of gold buried with King Tut was amazing!

We then went to a perfume shop where they sold pretty glass perfume holders and the pure essence of flowers. The smells were wonderful, the prices were steep... we waited until hitting the shops in Sharm El Sheikh before finally deciding on what to buy.

After that we hit a jewelery store. Finally it was time for our dinner cruise on the Nile. Eric and I had thought we would have time inbetween touring and the cruise so we could get some comfy sweats on Keenan and grab a blanket. We were wrong, there wasn't time. Since our cruise started at 8pm, which is when Keenan's bed time is, we had to hope for the best. The dinner was buffet style then music and belly dancing followed. Here's my dad and mom... yes with the belly dancer!

The music was very loud so Eric, Keenan and I retreated to the top deck for a while for a drink and to watch the lights of the city.
Keenan was a good little trooper but he was so exhausted by the time we finally got back to our hotel!

Our last day in Cairo we headed to Coptic Cairo which is the oldest part of the city. Absolutely beautiful churches filled with rich histories. I can't tell you much about Coptic Cairo because by this Keenan was D-O-N-E touring! He screamed, yelled, ran the opposite direction we needed to go... basically anything he could do to prevent Eric and I from standing in one place and listen to our tour guide. A lady gave Keenan something to munch on and that shut him up so we decided we should buy him a bag of chips and some juice. After that he was a much better kid but then again our tour was done.

We then headed to the Old Market. Tons of vendors selling everything! The vendors were very aggressive, they got in your way so you would either have to stop or try to go around them. All in all it was quite annoying. We ended up with a few souvenirs but thing we found was a box of dates stuffed with almonds. Yum! Then it was time for a quick bite to eat then catch our flight to Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea. Since we didn't have much time we stopped at "Hardee's" of all places, to eat. There isn't a Hardee's in Kyiv and we rarely go to McDonald's so the burgers and fries was actually a treat.

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mom said...

When King Tuts exhibits were in Ca I went to both of them. I agree, his treasures were wonderful. Love, Louise