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January 30, 2009

Sharm El Sheikh

We were in Sharm el Sheikh for 3 very short days, I definitely could have stayed much much longer! It was so nice to soak up the sunshine and beautiful weather. Keenan liked the change of pace too, he spent almost all waking hours in the water. It was very hard to get him out and then to keep him out of the pool. Surprisingly our hotel was not very crowded and hardly anybody in the pools.

Eric and Keenan in the Red SeaKeenan digging for rocks, seashells... whatever caught his eye.
Keenan ready to go swimming, again!

My parents were pretty busy for the first two days finishing up their scuba diving certification so soon as they were finished Keenan went to Gramma and Grampa and Eric and I hit the reef for some snorkeling. I'm not a good swimmer so it makes me really nervous to be out in so much water but I think I did much much this time snorkeling. When Eric and I were in the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon I kept grabbing onto him causing him to drink a lot of saltwater.

We did a little more souvenir shopping but mostly we lounged around the pool and took advantage of the beautiful weather.

Keenan watching the sunset

and the sunset he was excited about.
While we were walking around the hotel grounds Keenan found a cat to chase, after that he spent the next 2 hours meowing like a cat.

Saturday night we flew back into Cairo, we once again had great hopes of Keenan sleeping but no... When the flight attendant came around to offer drinks, I ordered water, Eric declined then without missing a beat Keenan pipes in "Juice!" I shook my head "no" at her, so no juice for Keenan as it was too late. When he saw the same lady come back through Keenan started requesting his juice. "Juice, juice!" "Juicy, juice!" I guess the flight attendant felt like it was a lost cause and gave him his juice.We gave in and let him drink it. My parents were a few rows behind us sleeping peacefully when Keenan spied them and started saying "Boppa, Boppa". He started out somewhat quiet and when no reaction came from either one of them he got louder and louder until both my parents finally woke up and started playing pick-a-boo with him. Our only real glitch in the trip was finding out our hotel that night in Cairo which was supposed to be close to the airport was in fact quite far away. Since my parents had to be back in the airport at 3am they just stayed. Lucky for them because the hotel ended up being really run down. The room was small and felt really dirty.

Overall our trip was amazing! I'm so glad my parents were able to come along and be apart Eric, Keenan and I's first family vacation.


Laura Olson said...

Wow - sounds like an amazing trip. The pics are definitely making me jealous. Wonderful that Keenan loves the water and sand - I foresee many beachy vacations in your future. :)

MARCELLO's said...

Oh my gosh...I am so jealous of you and fam. Look at all the wonderful placed you get to visit while you live over there. The pics make me want to come over and stay awhile...I don't think Vincent would make the flight as well as Keenan!

mom said...

Your trip sounds like a trip of a lifetime. I am so glad you had so much fun. Love, Louise