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February 21, 2009

Catchin' up

This week felt like it flew by rather quickly. On Tuesday Keenan and I hosted toddler group at our apartment. It was a bit difficult for Keenan to have all the other kids playing with HIS toys! At first he anytime he saw other kid playing with his toys or even eying one of them he'd run over and of course, take it from them. We had a few small tantrum then after about 1/2 hour he calmed down a bit but, he was sure exhausted when everybody left!

Keenan's favorite two movies at the moment, "Dora the explorer" and "Cars". He'll point to the TV and yell "AUTO, AUTO" and then if I put in Disney's "Cars" will proceed to point and "AUTO, AUTO" through a good portion of the movie whenever he sees one. Yes, it makes for a very noisy movie time. I find it so cute when he lays on his belly to watch movies.

AHHH, it's a laundry monster!!

Just trying to get into the tub to play. Trying to get him out is another story...

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mom said...

Cute butt!!! It seems all of the kids love movies. Love, Louise