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February 8, 2009

Brad Pitt look a like??

On Sunday we attended a birthday party for our friends baby, Ben, who just turned 1. The party was held at "Arizona BBQ", a restaurant here in Kyiv that we've never been too but, we will definitely have to go back. The reason? They have a nice attended play area with lots of toys, a slide, movies, playhouse...padded walls (for safety?). Keenan loved it! Plus, Eric and I were able to eat our food, talk amongst the adults all while being in the next room to where Keenan was. We were also able to see what was going on in that room on a big screen TV. Two of Ben's older cousins kept commenting on how Keenan looks like Brad Pitt.
While I do think Keenan is the cutest thing ever and Brad Pitt is a little bit on the attractive side I'm gonna say "no" on this. Keenan looks this his mama!

In the above picture Keenan did not want to put his jammies on, he wanted to play with his "autos" naked! And no, I couldn't find a similar picture of Brad doing the same thing.

When possible Keenan likes to run around naked. I keep finding his discarded diaper in one room, a puddle in another and a happy boy playing elsewhere.


Corinne said...

He looks like he is getting a lot taller and losing some of the baby pudge! Handsome fella!

mom said...

He is just as beautiful as Brad. Love the naked pictues. Keep them for his girlfriends. Love, Louise