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February 21, 2009


The last few days we've woken up to a blanket of new snow. If I don't have to drive in it I love new snow, it makes everything so pretty. Keenan likes to march through it, dig in it, eat it, fling himself into it... Keenan loves snow too.

After the first big snow a few days ago I got him all bundled up and out we went with a new shovel in tow. He decided that digging in the snow with his new shovel was pretty fun, so fun that every time we get our coats on he insists on grabbing his shovel too.
My happy little man.

After awhile Keenan didn't want to be bothered with his gloves. Here he's telling me he's COLD!
All three of the Desornia's came outside to watch Keenan having fun, I'm not sure if they approved or not of Keenan being covered in snow but he was bundled up! They all think it's funny that he'll say "pa-ka, pa-ka" (bye bye) to them. Here he's doing just that, saying bye bye to them in Russian.


Laura Olson said...

So adorable! I love that he's learning Russian. :)

mom said...

Looks like fun but cold. Love, Louise