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March 1, 2009

In a matter of a few minutes...

Luckily for me I was showering when this little incident happened. Lucky for me because that meant Eric was on watch and I could not be blamed in any shape or form. My husband being the computer guy he is, is fairly protective of his computers. As it is, is seems like the computers usually only have problems after I've been operating them. Eric said he turned his back for a second and when he went back into the living room this is what he saw, well plus Keenan working away.
What are those you might ask?
Oh, those are the keys... all over the floor...something you kind of need to operate your computer!
It's fairly time consuming to reassemble as there are two small pieces (one is really small) that go underneath each key. I think I'll keep the laptop closed from now on...

Keenan does love the computers, which may be partly my fault as we have found a few good websites for kids.


The sesame street one is Keenan's favorite as he's decided somewhere along the way that he loves Elmo. Not sure where that came from as we don't have any Elmo movies, just one book. But, if you go to the sesame street website type "silly songs" in the search box there are some fun songs that have motions to go with them.

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mom said...

I hope Eric got the computer together. I wouldn't have a clue what to do. I think it is great that Keenan likes the computer. Some kids don't. Love, Louise