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March 12, 2009

For the love of binky's

Who can resist making faces on a glass door?

The last few weeks Keenan has decided that he REALLY likes his binky and blankie, in that order.
He's always been a binky baby but it has been a bed time and nap time pleasure only, unless we're traveling that he has almost unlimited use while in the plane. Towards late afternoon Keenan will start searching for any binky that happened to get dropped during the night. I'll find him crawling underneath his crib hoping to find his precious binky. Here he managed to find one and pull out his blankie from his crib. Lately Keenan's been waking up in the middle of the night and will yell "BINKY, BINKY, BINKY!!" until one of us gives in and shoves another one in his mouth. I think it's about time to "lose" his stash of binkies.


Jami said...

I met a lady who said cutting the tip off the binky helps cure them pretty quick since it's no longer fun to suck on...worth a try maybe?

mom said...

I thought Lisa was going to take hers to school with her. She was hard to break, but the boys were easy. He still is kind of young. Make sure you keep one hidden just in case. Love, Louise